Spring short novel…………second

Dark floor.It was so crowded . I discovered a man who looked like my boyfriend in there.

I tried to approach.Before that,I heard a voice.

“You’re very lucky.You have a cute girlfriend who is twelve years younger than you.But does she know that you got divorced last year?” A shooter man said.

The taller man answered “My girl friend is satisfied with me.And she is simple-minded.So she would’t notice it if I said nothing.”

“Are you serious?It’s difficult to keep the secret . Do you want to divorce again?”

I opened the door. The rain had stopped.The wind was blowing.I walked to a park where there was a Cherry tree while trying not to see other couples.

 ーーーIn my hand and skirt have new points.On the other hand, cherry blossom petals fell all around me.

flower tree park landscape
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“very poetic! Very well written ☺︎”とメッセージをいただきました。






驚愕😵 イギリス出身の先生でもムズカシイとおっしゃるなら、私は不可能に近いのでは、、、








 Spring short novel…………first



Cherry blossoms are in full bloom like my emotions. I have a handsome and rich boyfriend who works for a big company. When I go on a date with him, he takes me to a high class restaurant every time.We are planning to get engaged in the next month.

I arrived in a pub to join a drinking party of my company.As soon as I opened the door , my colleagues said to me

“Happy girl came here!You have a good boy, right? he is 34years old, tall and calls you every morning !!”

I said “Why do you know?”

“Because Saki had talked about this “

Saki is my very close colleague.I made a sigh.

She said “And do you know what family he has? Have you ever seen his friends or coworkers?It’s very important to know this before marrying “

She was looking straight in my eyes.There was a simple ring on her ring finger.I gripped my pale pink skirt. ” I will listen.”

It was begining to rain.

I refused an invitation to a second party because I wanted to meet my boyfriend. I couldn’t contact his phone.I had run to his favorite Bar near the station.

raining in the city
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