Spring short novel…………first



Cherry blossoms are in full bloom like my emotions. I have a handsome and rich boyfriend who works for a big company. When I go on a date with him, he takes me to a high class restaurant every time.We are planning to get engaged in the next month.

I arrived in a pub to join a drinking party of my company.As soon as I opened the door , my colleagues said to me

“Happy girl came here!You have a good boy, right? he is 34years old, tall and calls you every morning !!”

I said “Why do you know?”

“Because Saki had talked about this “

Saki is my very close colleague.I made a sigh.

She said “And do you know what family he has? Have you ever seen his friends or coworkers?It’s very important to know this before marrying “

She was looking straight in my eyes.There was a simple ring on her ring finger.I gripped my pale pink skirt. ” I will listen.”

It was begining to rain.

I refused an invitation to a second party because I wanted to meet my boyfriend. I couldn’t contact his phone.I had run to his favorite Bar near the station.

raining in the city
Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com




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